2016 tide table and solunar charts for Sarangani Island for planning your fishing expedition

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Tide tables and solunar tables for sport fishers in Sarangani Island. Find out the forecast for high tides and low tides before setting out to fish, and other fishing-related data such as the lunar phase, tidal coefficient, sun and moon rising and setting times, hours of maximum fish activity, weather conditions in Sarangani Island ...

We want you to enjoy to the max a well-planned fishing expedition! Good luck!

Tide Chart: high tides and low tides in Sarangani Island  High tides and low tides in February 13, 2016 today High tides and low tides in February 15, 2016

Today Sunday, 14th of February of 2016, the sun will rise in Sarangani Island at 5:54 h and sunset will be at 17:51 h. The moon will rise in the east (79º) at 10:31 h and will set in the west (283º) at 23:06 h.

In the high tide and low tide chart, we can see that the first low tide was at 3:15 h and the next low tide will be at 15:55 h. The first high tide will be at 9:30 h and the next high tide at 21:45 h.

The lunar phase is a Waxing Crescent. Today we will have 11 hours and 57 minutes of sun. The solar transit will be at 11:52 h and the length of time the moon will be visible will be 12 hours and 35 minutes.

High tides and low tides in Sarangani Island
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The tidal coefficient today is 64 (average). At noon the tidal coefficient drops to 58 to end the day with a tidal coefficient of 53. The tide heights today are -0.1 m, 1.5 m, 0.0 m and 1.2 m. We can compare these levels with the maximum high tide recorded in the tide tables for Sarangani Island which is of 2.0 m and a minimum height of -0.5 m.

High tides and low tides in Sarangani Island

Solunar chart for Sarangani Island   Solunar charts in February 13, 2016 today Solunar charts in February 15, 2016

The solunar fishing calendar in Sarangani Island tells us that today is a good day for fishing, the fish activity forecast is high. Please, read more about solunar tables. The best times of day for fishing are:

solunar period with influence from 4:21 h to 6:21 h, very high activity solunar activitysolunar activitysolunar activity Major period (moon down). This period of high activity coincides with sunrise; therefore the sun will exercise more influence, resulting in an excellent time for fishing
solunar period from 10:31 h to 11:31 h, high activity solunar activitysolunar activity minor period (moonrise)
solunar period with influence from 16:48 h to 18:48 h, very high activity solunar activitysolunar activitysolunar activity Major period (moon up). This period of high activity coincides with sunset; therefore the sun will exercise more influence, resulting in an excellent time for fishing
solunar period from 23:06 h to 0:06 h, high activity solunar activitysolunar activity minor period (moonset)

Solunar chart for Sarangani Island

Tide timetable for Sarangani Island   Tide tables for Sarangani Island in January 2016 February 2016 Tide tables for Sarangani Island in March 2016

Tide timetable for Sarangani Island. The times are generated in local time in Philippines. You will also have the lunar phase, sunrise and sunset times, the tidal coefficient and the average fish activity forecast for each day according to the solunar tables:

[ 0  low activity ]  ,   [ solunar activity average activity ]  ,  [ solunar activitysolunar activity high activity ]  ,  [ solunar activitysolunar activitysolunar activity very high activity ]

NOTE: The times reflected in the tide table for Sarangani Island are tide forecasts only valid as references for sport fishing. They shouldn't be used as a guide for navigation. The heights are expressed in meters.

Fishing locations close to Sarangani Island

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Coordinates of Sarangani Island
Sarangani Island
05° 25' 00" N    125° 27' 00" E

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Local time

Timezone Asia/ManilaUTC +8
Local time in Philippines  Local Standard Time (LST)
All the times are generated in local time in Philippines.


High tides and low tides in Sarangani Island
The water level is rising. There are 4 hours and 9 minutes until high tide.

3:15 hlow tide( -0.1 m )
9:30 hhigh tide( 1.5 m )
15:55 hlow tide( 0.0 m )
21:45 hhigh tide( 1.2 m )

Tidal coefficient

coefficient 0h 64
coefficient 12h 58

Solunar activity

Solunar activity Activity of the day

Major periods
from 4:21 h to 6:21 h and from 16:48 h to 18:48 h.

minor periods
from 10:31 h to 11:31 h and from 23:06 h to 0:06 h.

Moon phase

Waxing Crescent

Waxing Crescent

Moon age: 6 days
Light: 36 %
Northern Hemisphere
Next First Quarter Moon in Sarangani Island First Quarter Moon  (1 day)
February 15, 2016 at 15:46 h
Next Full Moon in Sarangani Island Full Moon  (9 days)
February 23, 2016 at 2:20 h
Next Last Quarter Moon in Sarangani Island Last Quarter Moon  (17 days)
March 2, 2016 at 7:11 h
Next New Moon in Sarangani Island New Moon  (24 days)
March 9, 2016 at 9:54 h
Total Solar Eclipse

Rising and setting of the moon

Moonrise 10:31 h
Lunar transit 16:48 h
Moonset 23:06 h
Duration of the moon 12 h 35 m
Rising and setting of the moon in Sarangani Island

Rising and setting of the sun

Sunrise 5:54 h
Transit 11:52 h
Sunset 17:51 h
Duration of the sun 11 h 57 m
Rising and setting of the sun in Sarangani Island

Astronomical observation

Earth - Sun
Distance from the Earth to the Sun 2016-02-14 05:20:10

Angular diameter
0° 32' 24"

147,707,207 km

Earth - Moon
Distance from the Earth to the Moon 2016-02-14 05:20:10

Angular diameter
0° 32' 49"

364,173 km

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